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Our graceful, private studio based in Knightsbridge, London, provides both service and expertise in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Advocates of fresh, natural beauty, our highly qualified, creative team specialize in recreating Korean techniques and trends from across the globe. We use synthetic laser-made lashes that look and feel incredibly natural, helping save time and money on make-up and morning routines. Our technicians aim to emphasize your own beauty by creating elegant eyes, with feminine, soft, "kawaii" results.

Our inspiration and styles are influenced by South Korea, we provide traditional Korean eyelash techniques. The application method involves each lash extension being individually attached to the client's own eyelash one by one, adjusting length and thickness to make the entire eye look emphasized and balanced.

So what's the difference between Classic Lashes and Korean Lashes?

Korean lash extensions are extra-fine and fluffy. The weight of the K-lash extension only weighs about one-eighth compared to the conventional classic lash extensions. This means that the K-lash is less burdensome on your own natural eyelashes, causing no damage or heaviness to the eye. We import all our materials from Seoul, Korea to ensure we create authentic, beautiful results. K-beauty is all about achieving a pristine, fresh and healthy daily appearance. We only use natural lash curls (typically J & C Curls) which create a beautiful, weightless, mascara effect that is renowned in Korea and lasts up to 6 weeks or more.



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